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Sunset Happy

So... what is Sunset Saturday really about?

During the summer, ever since I was younger my sister and I would always catch the sunset. Whether we were diving in the water to go "sunset swimming", sitting on the boat, or laying in the sand on the beach we were always sure to capture the sky while being out east. The beach is a place my sister and I always found comforting which is why it was our typical sunset spot. Being less than a mile away from our summer home I would always drag my sister to the beach at 8pm sharp. Now we race to see who can get to the beach first. Running to the sunset was something the two of us both love to do and is a guaranteed serotonin boost. Our weekly sunset runs overall made us closer as siblings and inspired the design of our first hoodie.

Together... we came up with the idea of our first sweatshirt design, "Sunset Happy" 

"Sunset Happy" : The instant serotonin boost a person gets while watching a pretty sunset.

Because we love the sky so much and know that other people like to capture it as well we host Sunset Saturday where our customers send us their favorite sunset pictures to be reposted on our page.

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